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Days Til Our Disneyland Trip Count Down

It's hard to wait for something you saved and dreamed of, especially for the kids.  Let the block do the counting for you.  

This is a set of three blocks in cream, red and black with cream writing. The Mickey head is done in chalkboard black paint.   Letters are done in the Walt Disney font everyone loves so well.   You will received a stick of chalk to start counting down those days.

I have cut the blocks out of pine, meaning its full of the wood's natural imperfections, which make each set unique.  All lettering is done in cream. The edges have been sanded slightly for a rough, used look, and I finished off each block with a satin finish.

Measurements (so you know it will fit in that perfect spot you have!)
Total height of set: Approx 8" tall
Bottom block: Approx 7 1/2'' long x 2 1/2'' wide in black.
Middle block: Approx 6 1/2'' long x 2 1/2'' wide in red.
Top block: Approx 3'' long x 3" wide in light ivory.

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Days Til Our Disneyland Trip Countdown

SKU: D011


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