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About Us


I remember growing up without a dining room table. Not because we didn't have one, we did. Mom, though, had taken it over as a crafting location, covering it with her paints, fabric, and wood. The family rarely ate at the table, as a result, because there simply wasn't any place to sit. Mom would clear it off for company, and for holiday meals, but for a large part of the year, it served as her crafting table.

Every year Mom worked several craft shows, usually around Christmas. She'd sew and paint and spend the year building her inventory. My sister and I would join in here and there, making our own little inventory to sell and hopefully earn some spending cash. And from this, The Jam Factory was born. A very appropriate name when your initials are J, A, and M.

Mom remembers her dad building all sorts of items while she was growing up. He added additions to their house at one point. Grandpa ventured into wood work and crafted many different items. A favorite of mine being a chest, that I still own, which I received for Christmas one year. It was filled with doll clothes Mom had sewn. It didn't take long for Mom to venture into wood working herself. She's the only woman I know who was happy to get a table saw for Christmas. Dad hid it in the car trunk and sent her on a treasure hunt for it.. Mom's gotten really good over the years at cutting out her patterns and paining them.

Years have passed. Mom's moved. So have I. We don't do as many craft shows anymore, but Mom still does her wood work, which JAM Factory Crafts specializes in. The majority of our wood products are hand cut and painted for your pleasure and enjoyment. Since we do cut the majority of our wood, there may be visible flaws. We hope you agree with us, in that, those flaws help make your piece truly unique and often one of a kind.

The name JAM Factory Crafts is a nod to Mom's original business name of The Jam Factory, which she used for years doing her craft shows. The shop consists of mother and daughter. Julie and Rikki. Mom and I. We welcome you to our shop!

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