Wood Gingerbread Picture Frame Ornament This ornament features a gingerbread boy as a frame. It is painted a chocolate brown, with white frosting lines on wrists and ankles, 3 white loops make up his hair. He has a scrap bow at his neck.. 'Christmas Sweetie' is in black lettering on his tummy. This ornament is a frame, and there is an acrylic frame on the back to easily slip your photo into. It measures approx 4 1/2" X 3 1/4" and has a wire hanger to hang on your tree. This item can be personalized, please email with name and/or year. Item will ship once we have received notice of personalization or if you decline personalization. Personalize, while free, does require an extra day for processing. Please take a moment to view our other items and add our shop to your favorites. New items added all the time so check back frequently. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy what we have to share. Also check out our supply store JAMFactorySupplies. Follow us on Facebook @JAMFactoryCrafts or Instagram: @JAM_FactoryCrafts

Wood Gingerbread Picture Frame Ornament