WiFi Password Chalkboard Wood sign You are having guests come visit. You know they will want to know your Wifi password. Make it easy on them and have a little sign that you can write your password on that is in the guestroom or someplace in the kitchen where they will see it. The sign measures approx 8 1/4" high X 8 1/4" wide. It is painted black with buttercream writing. There is a black frame around the edge, you can hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. You have the choice of lettering .. either a Disney style font or a brush calligraphy font, you choose. The interior of the cream outlined box is chalkboard, so you can write out your password with the included stick of chalk. Please take a moment to view our other items and add our shop to your favorites. New items added all the time so check back frequently. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy what we have to share. Also check out our supply store JAMFactorySupplies. Follow us on Facebook: @JAMFactoryCrafts and Instagram: @JAM_FactoryCrafts

WiFi Password Chalkboard Wood sign