FOR CUSTOM VANS: This is a very customized ornament, please be patient, as it can take a couple days to complete and into the mail. This item, because it is so individualized, can not be made and shipped after December 15. With mailing, it would not be guaranteed delivery in time for the holiday. Order EARLY is the best advise for this item, as we make quite a few each year. When sending as a gift, I will send a photo of the finished item to you, the purchaser, so you can see the finished results. Please also note, if we do not receive customization information from you, your order will be cancelled and monies refunded. We can not make the ornament without information from you. Our procedure is to message you via Etsy and email for the information, if we do not receive any, we can not make the van for you. PLEASE fill in the information necessary to make you an awesome never forgotten ornament. For the Mom who carpools her own kids and/or their friends or that friend who does! A mini van driving mom and kids. The mini van comes in grey, black, or dark green, or contact us regarding a custom color. Mom or Dad sits in front and in the back are children peeking out the windows. All ornaments have a wire hanger and measure approx 4 1/2" x 3". This is a personalized item. List out in a message any preferences you have regarding the following: -Sex of all individuals -Skin color - default is Caucasian - I try to match your description as best as possible -Hair colors for all individuals -Driver male or female and color of hair -Van color if doing custom -If you have a preference where children sit (2 in middle 1 in back, 1 in middle 2 in back) -What the van should read --Feel free to add little touches, like driver wears glasses, can driver have red plaid shirt, how about a baby with a pacifier, the more details the more it fits the family you are describing. I love the details and have done all colors of skin tone, hair colors, pony tails, braids, lots of hair, bald, mustaches, lacrosse sticks, cell phones, two people in front. Do not be afraid to ask if it can be added, I will work my best to get the ornament how you have requested. Please take a moment to view our other items and add our shop to your favorites. New items added all the time so check back frequently. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy what we have to share. Also check out our supply store JAMFactorySupplies. Follow us on Facebook: @JAMFactoryCrafts Instagram: @JAM_FactoryCrafts

CUSTOM - Whimsical Carpool Mini Van Mom Ornament