Create-A-Fetti Jar Who among us hasn't opened an envelope at some point in our lives and found it filled with confetti? Decorated a party table with confetti? If you have kids, you've watched them at some point probably spill confetti all over the floor! Maybe you have a party coming up and need a party favor. Maybe you want something a little more unique then what you can find in the stores. Or do nothing and simply add the jar to your shelf of decorations. Whatever you do or however you use it, you are limited only by your imagination! Create your own jar of confetti! These are made to order! Select from: ~ Round Jar measuring roughly 3-1/4" in height and about 1-1/2" in width ~ Square Jar measuring roughly 3-3/4" in height and 1-3/4" in width Color: ~I have a variety of colors and will do my best to adhere to your color choices! Make sure to state in a message what colors you're looking for exactly Current Shapes: ~Princess Collection ~Mickey Collection ~Hearts ~Stars ~Individual Princess ~Tinkerbell ~Other - Please message me before buying so I can tell you if I can do. Then when purchasing pick this option and reference your message to me! Confetti sizes will vary from about 1/2" small to 1" depending on the item. Amount of each item depends on how many different shapes there are. Insurance will be included. Please take a moment to view our other items and add our shop to your favorites. New items added all the time so check back frequently. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy what we have to share. Also check out our supply store JAMFactorySupplies and if you are needing digital items we have JAMFactoryDigital as well.

Create-A-Fetti Jar